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Thirty Days

A cautious girl, an undocumented guy, and a love with a thirty-day expiration date.
Project 01

Sometimes you find love where you least expect it. 


Nothing exciting ever happens to 17-year-old Laney Smyth. She suffers from Celiac disease, never been kissed, and loses every student election. Worse, Daddy Dearest hijacks her life and makes her intern on Capitol Hill and stay in a girls-only dorm tagged the Virgin Vault. Laney dreads her prison sentence until she meets Chance Reid (17), the hella-hottie working illegally in the dorm’s kitchen.


Chance’s mom recently died, and now he must solve his undocumented status or risk deportation to El Salvador, a place he doesn’t know and to a family he can't recall. For the next month, Chance must focus on tracking down his absent American father plus stay trouble-free so his immigration application won’t implode. Chance can’t risk hooking up with dorm girls, let alone a gorgeous one like Laney.


Home is not just a place. It’s about the special people in your life. What matters most is how far you would go to protect them. When Laney’s internship ends and Chance’s immigration status detonates, they discover fate’s unexpected twists not only change lives but sometimes you find love where you least expect it.


Stay tuned.

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