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How to Pitch an Idea like a Boss

I'm a federal and state lobbyist. Pitching ideas is what pays the bills.


When it comes to writing fiction or advocating public policy, I'm the query queen of pitching ideas. In my fiction writing, I've won The Atlanta Writers Club Best Pitch award SIX times. In my lobbying job, I helped get Health Savings Accounts enacted into law. Yeppers. It took forever, but even I'm a card-carrying H.S.A.-holder. Squeeeeeee!  


So, what's the secret to pitching like a BOSS and getting to sign on that dotted line? It's Politics 101, my friend. You need to hit the ground running by telling a quick story in as few words as possible. So whether you want to be a writer or a lobbyist, here's how to be in the know:


How do you craft your 100,000-word book baby or "bright idea to the save the world" into a one or two sentence message? Easy-peasy! I've got you covered. 



the person [or entity] must [DO SOMETHING] or else [ENDURE CONSEQUENCE].



So, let's put this formula to good use. 



THE TALES FROM THE VIRGIN VAULT series:  Lacy's internship spirals when she accidentally hooks up w/Sawyer, her brother's best friend. Worse, the world-class player is now her hella-hot, new boss. 




When Christina tries to sell her next book, she must query agents and editors or else remain unpublished. 



Public Policy:

When Christina lobbies the Hill, she must prepare talking points or else people might not understand her awesome ideas. 




When the uninsured can't afford health care coverage, they might go without and get really sick. 


And, that's how you pitch a good idea like a Boss. Good luck...


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