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Fun Stuff

Want free stuff?




Dedicated CHRISTINA’S CHEERLEADERS street team will get fun stuff like..?

  • Exclusive info on story excerpts and advance book details to post on your social media.

  • ARC’s — You will receive these before anyone else does!

  • Special prizes and giveaways available only to team members. 

  • Invite to Christina’s special Facebook group specifically for her street team to chat with her and other totally awesome shining stars.

  • A chance to win a special shout-out in the acknowledgments.

  • An opportunity to name a character in one of Christina’s books!


Street team members are like...? 

Here are some suggestions. Whatever you can do to help spread the word about my books is appreciated. Remember, the key is to have fun! Your support means the world to me.

  • Feature Christina interviews, reviews, excerpts, and covers on your social media and blog. I have a press kit on the website available to help you!

  • Feature Christina’s video trailer(s) via your blog and social media. (coming soon)

  • Share your honest review of Christina book(s) via Amazon, Itunes, Goodreads, etc. If you like it – please recommend it!

  • “Like” Christina’s Facebook page.

  • "Follow" Christina on Twitter.

  • "Retweet" Christina Twitter posts – spread the word!

  • "Comment" on a Christina blog if a post inspires you!


Awesome - Sign Me Up!

Please hit the "Hey, Christina!" button and be sure to include any of the following:

  • Are you on any other author Street Teams? If so, spill.

  • Are you on social media? If so, where can I stalk you? 

  • Do you have connections to help promote my stories?

  • Please share any cool ideas.


Thank you for joining Christina’s Cheerleaders! I'm excited to work with you!

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